Expresso Bike and SoundSteps to Be Presented at the Jaarbeurs Trade Fair

Expresso Bike and SoundSteps to Be Presented at the Jaarbeurs Trade Fair images: EMBEDDED FITNESS 

Embedded Fitness will present the Expresso Bike and the interactive game SoundSteps at the Digitale Zorg Event at the Jaarbeurs trade fair in Utrecht, Holland on June 21, 2013.

Embedded Fitness, the Dutch fitness gaming company, will introduce two fun new ways to exercise at the 2013 Digitale Zorg Event, which takes place at the Jaarbeurs exhibition and convention center in Utrecht, Holland on June 21. The company will present the Expresso Bike and SoundSteps, two fitness games that combine entertainment and the gaming experience with physical exercise, and have a wide range of applications. Along with being fun, both games provide a variety of health benefits and can be used by players of any age. They can be used in schools, gyms, at various business events, and in a wide range of other settings as they are suitable for any occasion that calls for active gaming entertainment.


The Expresso Bike is a fitness machine created by the California-based company Interactive Fitness. It is a trail bike equipped with a fully integrated control unit with a computer. The bike allows users to ride and compete against other cyclists on routes which can be anywhere from 500 meters to 32 kilometres long and have different levels of difficulty. The Expresso Bike has a touchscreen that allows users to set different routes, and it automatically adapts to the trail. Six players can ride against each other using a LAN interface. Players can also select different gradients. The game Catching Dragons is particularly well suited to children.


SoundSteps is a slightly different kind of interactive game. Created by the Dutch company NYOYN, it consists of 10 mats that respond through sound when players step on them. Players can also jump, hit, press, or sit on the mats to get results. The mats are wirelessly connected to the central unit. SoundSteps provides a wide range of games to choose from, from musical chairs and theme sounds to language and math games. Selecting a game is pretty easy: all a player needs to do is insert a card game in the unit for the game to begin playing. Many games that are available with SoundSteps offer open-ended play, which allows room for players' creativity and imagination. SoundSteps is suitable for everyone over the age of 3, and can be used in child care centres, kindergartens, nurseries, and after-school clubs. Some of the games can even be used in the classroom.

For more information about the products, visit Embedded Fitness at the booth A054 at the Jaarbeurs trade fair.

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