Leke VR Unlocks Potential of VR Solutions and Content in Entertainment Industry

Leke VR Unlocks Potential of VR Solutions and Content in Entertainment Industry images: BEIJING LEKE VR TECHNOLOGY 

Beijing Leke VR Technology offers a range of cutting-edge solutions that bring immersive VR experiences to public areas.  

Beijing Leke VR Technology offers a revolutionary platform with a set of interactive solutions that distribute content to users looking to experience the possibilities available with the latest VR technology. The company is the only VR content distribution platform provider that offers VR content and a VR system platform for more than 95 percent of VR companies. The company's five main products deliver highly immersive content with a versatile range of games and experiences that take virtual technology to a whole new level.

leke knight

Leke Knight offers a high altitude cycling game with a unique cycling experience, allowing users to enjoy fast-paced rides and feel the shaking and falling sensation as they would while riding a bike outdoors. The sensory experience combined with the excitement of speed creates a simulated environment of bicycle extreme sports in a safe indoor setting, letting users feel infinite fun while avoiding the risks of the real extreme riding world.

leke sking sports

Leke Sking Sports, another product in the extreme sports series, introduces the excitement of skiing, sleigh and snowfield motorcycle rides to indoor environments. The innovative platform allows users to interact with game content and feel the vibrations and wind change from one scene to the next. For an authentic simulation of friction, Sking Sports comes with a 6D vibration unit and uses a safety handrail to ensure that users are safe at all times.

leke mini void

Leke Mini Void, an integrated solution for HTC Vive, offers a variety of content with unique sensory experiences in all kinds of different games (so far up to 40 games). The platform allows users to freely move around in an area of about 20 sqm, while the HTC headset delivers a versatile selection of virtual worlds and games to keep them entertained. 

leke theater

Leke Theater introduces an entirely new movie watching experience using game animation effects, VR visuals, 3D audio experiences, vibrations, life-like simulations and latest synchronization resources, while Leke PhantomVR (or Leke Console), a machine developed for shooting games, challenges players to online battles with their friends and other users.

leke theater

Beijing Leke VR Technology Co.,Ltd. is a group of eight big companies in China specializing in developing equipment for VR games, producing VR content and building a distribution platform to offer clients cutting-edge solutions that deliver powerful, immersive experiences in VR entertainment. A pioneer of VR theme entertainment, the company offers the largest platform for offline VR experience and content distribution, as well as a wide range of related services, including hardware and software development, technical and content support, hardware docking, and docking content distribution. The company serves more than 2,000 offline VR experience stores, including shopping malls, amusement parks, cinemas, supermarkets and indoor parks. In August, Leke VR also formed the China VR-Park Alliance with more than a dozen other companies to form a VR content ecosystem and forge new partnerships.

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