CardioWall Pro-X Delivers Functional Fitness Training to Racing Drivers

CardioWall Pro-X Delivers Functional Fitness Training to Racing Drivers images: RUGGED INTERACTIVE; iZONE DRIVER PERFORMANCE, FACEBOOK 

A new video reveals how racing drivers use the CardioWall Pro-X to improve hand-eye coordination, hand speed, peripheral vision, and overall cardiovascular fitness.

Racing drivers at iZone Driver Performance at the Silverstone race circuit in Northampton, UK, use the CardioWall Pro-X, Rugged Interactive's functional fitness device, for fitness training and to improve their hand speed, reaction speed, hand-eye coordination, and peripheral vision.

In a new video, Kevin Hoyes, Gym Manager at iZone Driver Performance, explains the benefits of training with the CardioWall. "The CardioWall is a great addition to our gym as it offers so much flexibility and versatility to the training programmes," he says. "The competitive element adds an extra dimension which motivates and pushes the driver further."

The CardioWall Pro-X is designed to deliver fitness training to athletes. Conceptually, it goes a step further than the original CardioWall, with greater wingspan, more lightpads, and data acquisition capability as standard. The Pro-X has 14 lightpads, five more than the original model, and these are positioned just around and outside of the athlete's reach, at the edge of his peripheral vision. The lightpads are designed to be hit hard using soft weights, up to 3 kg, or pressed with heavier ones. They can also be hit with balls, medicine balls, boxing gloves, or any other accessory made of soft material. The arms of the CardioWall Pro-X can be adjusted using a coil-over shock damper system.

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CardioWall Pro-X users get instant feedback through the FitMakr Pro data display, which shows score, individual lightpad percentages, left and right bias, and response time. The data helps them keep track of their progress or deterioration over time.

The CardioWall Pro-X is used for elite sports training and also in gyms, rehabilitation facilities, and youth centres. It is accessible to users of all ages and abilities and can address specific health needs like cardiac rehabilitation. The device has also received a positive response from people with disabilities and conditions like motor neurone disease, who use it to reap the benefits of functional fitness training.

To see the racing drivers train with the CardioWall Pro-X at iZone, watch the video.

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