Home Run Derby Baseball Simulator Launched

Home Run Derby Baseball Simulator Launched images: VISUAL SPORTS SYSTEMS 

Visual Sports has released the Interactive Home Run Derby, a new baseball hitting simulation game.

Home Run Derby, a new baseball simulation game released by Visual Sports, is an interactive hitting simulation game that can be added to Visual Sports’ existing simulator systems. The game allows players to practice hitting using real equipment, to experience the game in virtual life-size stadiums, and to get accurate feedback on speed, trajectory, and distance of each hit. The Visual Sports simulator provides the player with the most realistic baseball hitting simulation experience currently available.

The baseball simulation game offers a variety of options, including high score tracking, in-game boost option, post-game analysis, and six different game environments. There are two modes of play available: Home Run Derby and Target Challenge. Home Run Derby simulates the experience of playing in a home run contest in a big league, providing the player with life-sized environments for a full, realistic experience. Target Challenge, on the other hand, allows the player to focus on precise hit location and distance.

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Visual Sports’ hitting and pitching baseball simulators have a variety of applications and can be used in a wide range of settings, from family entertainment centres and sports bars and complexes to offices and event venues, and even in your home. The simulators can attract new visitors to bars, malls, and various business locations, provide a dose of entertainment at parties and events, and keep the entire family entertained and physically active at home.

Beside baseball, Visual Sports offers a wide range of interactive sports simulations, including soccer, football, hockey, cricket, basketball, rugby, and even a game called zombie dodgeball. These are available on several types of simulators which offer not only precision gameplay and a realistic training experience, but also the only multi-sport capability in the industry. Visual Sports’ simulators use top notch mat technology and optical sensors, and are equipped with ultra-high-speed cameras that capture data on flight path, trajectory, angle and speed at 2,000 frames per second, which is more than 30 times faster than high-definition video, to provide the player with a highly realistic gaming experience and game analysis. Watch the video to see the baseball hitting simulator in action.

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