Positive Gaming Announces iDANCE Online

Positive Gaming Announces iDANCE Online image: POSITIVE GAMING 

Positive Gaming CEO Ole Petter Høie has announced iDANCE Online, a new edition of the popular multiplayer dance game, in a new video. Currently in development, iDANCE Online will make it possible for players all over the world to compete against each other in real time. This will make iDANCE the first sport in the world that allows players to compete online. The dance game was officially recognised as a national sport in Norway in 2004.

iDANCE is a unique platform as it provides players with a wide range of physical, cognitive and social benefits while engaging them in fun interactive play. The game provides developmental benefits to younger users and is suitable to players of all ages and fitness levels. It was developed for professional use in schools, fitness and health clubs, YMCAs, and leisure centres.

To learn more about the benefits of iDANCE and hear the latest announcement, watch the video. 

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