Racewood's Eventing Simulator Introduces Range of New Options

Racewood's Eventing Simulator Introduces Range of New Options image: RACEWOOD 

Racewood's Eventing Simulator is the first simulator of its kind, using advanced flight simulation and motion control platform technology to accurately reproduce the movement of a 15-hand (1.5 metre) horse. The simulator was introduced at the 2015 Equitana Equestrian Sports World Fair, held in Essen, Germany in late March.

The Eventing Simulator can perform a series of specific movements, including replicating intricate dressage steps and clearing fences 1.2 metres high on a highly immersive virtual cross country course. The simulator uses pressure sensors for the reins, stirrups, neck, saddle and legs to collect data on the rider's weight and balance, as well as to guide and control the movement of the horse.

The new Eventing Simulator lets users choose between several modes – cross country, dressage and show jumping – and allows them to analyse their performance as they train. The performance data is displayed on a large screen, which also displays a simulated course to help users practice their riding technique. The data collected by the sensors is displayed in real time to help users perfect their performance in a safe environment.

In addition to training and performance assessment, the Eventing Simulator can also be used in rehabilitation, to help people with disabilities experience horse riding and reap the benefits, and to challenge and improve users' overall fitness level.

To see the variety of features and options available with the new Eventing Simulator, watch the video.

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