ReRave and iDANCE at Gamescom 2014

ReRave and iDANCE at Gamescom 2014 image: DIGITAL CONTENT NETWORK  

ReRave and iDANCE were among the featured brands at the 2014 Gamescom, held in Cologne, Germany, in August. ReRave, originally developed for iOS devices in 2011, is a rhythm game that is now also available as an arcade gaming machine. ReRave and iDANCE have a lot in common, as they were both developed as rhythm-based active games that immerse players in a social, interactive experience, motivating them to move and engage with the media on the screen.

To find out more about the concepts behind ReRave and iDANCE, watch the interview with Kyle Ward, the founder and CEO of Step Revolution, who helped develop a number of popular interactive games, including ReRave, ReRave Arcade, ReRave Plus, iDANCE2, Pump It Up Pro, and the In the Groove series.


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