Striiv Smart Pedometer Delivers First Fitness Game

Striiv Smart Pedometer Delivers First Fitness Game images:STRIIV, FACEBOOK 

Striiv, the first smart pedometer, comes with the first-ever fitness game designed for this type of device.

The Striiv pedometer is capable of learning users' behaviour with every step and motivating them to spend more time walking. The first-ever smart pedometer helps users reach their fitness goals by creating personal challenges for them based on their activity level. It is the only activity tracker available with a full-colour touch screen.

Designed to turn everyday activities like walking up the stairs or walking the dog into play, the Striiv smart pedometer was created with the idea to motivate people to become more active, spend more time with friends and family, and to donate to charities, all without having to tweak their busy schedules to do it. The pedometer makes fitness fit around users' schedules and makes it more fun for them.

The Striiv pedometer does not merely track the user's activity but turns it into a game or a competition with friends. It comes with a hi-res colour touchscreen and a number of applications that deliver the gaming experience to users. The activity motivation system was created by game design experts and behaviour change specialists to get users to spend more time on their feet. The more time they spend walking, the more the pedometer adapts to their fitness level and keeps creating new challenges for them.


Striiv awards users with trophies for their achievements like climbing Mount Everest or walking across the Golden Gate bridge. Walkathon, one of the features available with the device, counts every step toward a donation to charity, with Striiv and the company's partners making the donations on the user's behalf.

Striiv also comes with MyLand, the first-ever fitness game designed for the pedometer. The game is set on an enchanted island and it asks users to bring back the plants and animals to the island by planting trees and building places to live. They accomplish this simply by walking, running, and taking the stairs: the more active they are, the more they achieve in the game. Striiv can also turn the activity into a social experience, letting users race their friends up to the Statue of Liberty and other landmarks in real-time to get trophies and bonuses.

The pedometer also has a variety of tracking features, allowing users to monitor their progress. The data includes weekly and monthly charts showing the user's minutes of activity, calories burned, steps, stairs, and distance travelled. 

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