ArmeoSenso Offers Gamified Arm Rehabilitation Exercises and Assessment

ArmeoSenso Offers Gamified Arm Rehabilitation Exercises and Assessment images: HOCOMA 

ArmeoSenso is a versatile arm rehabilitation platform that offers gamified therapeutic exercises to improve patients' range of motion, strength and endurance.

ArmeoSenso, the latest in Hocoma's Armeo line of rehabilitation solutions, is a versatile sensor-based platform that uses gamified exercises to engage patients in highly intensive self-initiated therapeutic exercises. It was developed for patients with moderate to mild impairments of the arm function in the late stages of recovery and can be used to treat impaired function resulting from neurological, muscular or musculoskeletal disorders.

sensor rehabilitation platform

The platform uses interactive games in a 3D workspace to challenge and motivate patients to keep performing repetitive movements and it offers augmented performance feedback using three motion sensors, two of which are placed on the patient's arm and one on the chest.

gamified arm rehabilitation

The exercises available with the ArmeoSenso facilitate self-initiated movement and help increase the patient's strength, endurance and active range of motion. In addition to an extensive library of exercises, the ArmeoSenso software offers a user database with individual accounts for each patient and allows users to manage patients’ therapy schedules, store their individual settings and log all activity and results.

gamified arm rehabilitation

The ArmeoSenso also comes with a hand module that allows patients to train gripping function and an optional mobile arm weight support which can be mounted on a table to provide functional assistance during therapy.

gamified arm rehabilitation

The system is safe and easy to use and can easily be adapted to different settings. Its integrated assessment features for relevant performance parameters, including reaction time and coordination, allow daily monitoring and identify any compensatory movements and unwanted motor patterns such as trunk movements during training. The assessments also allow the system to adapt the difficulty level to match the patient's progress and keep the therapeutic tasks both engaging and challenging.

gamified arm rehabilitation

The ArmeoSenso is compact and portable and uses an intuitive user interface to make it easy for patients to do the exercises independently at home. The system is not commercially available yet, but will be in the near future. Watch the video below to see a demonstration.

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