Dynavision Training Seminar in Pictures

Dynavision Training Seminar in Pictures images: DYNAVISION, FACEBOOK 

The 2014 Advanced Dynavision Training (ADT) seminar was held at the University of Cincinnati in Cincinnati, Ohio on October 31. Dynavision’s annual seminar is held to introduce trainers, physical therapists, existing Dynavision D2 users, and prospective clients to a wide range of applications of the D2 training tool in professional sports and physical therapy. The D2 uses interactive lights to train users’ peripheral vision and awareness, reaction time, and hand-eye coordination. It is widely used in high performance sports, research, clinical rehabilitation, and military and police training. The tool can help with concussion management and is also used for coordinating central and peripheral vision and in low-vision therapy. The ADT seminar featured several expert speakers and was a huge success among attendees. Find some photos from the event in our gallery.  

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