Gait Training for Children with Cerebral Palsy

Gait Training for Children with Cerebral Palsy images: HOCOMA SWITZERLAND 

Training with the Lokomat is known to improve functional gait parameters, which is why Hocoma’s robotic trainer is widely used in the treatment of patients suffering from neurological gait impairments, including cerebral palsy.

The rehabilitation centre "Gli Angeli di Padre Pio" in San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy, is one of the many rehabilitation facilities using the Lokomat for gait training with patients suffering from cerebral palsy (CP) and other neurological gait impairments. The private outpatient centre has posted a new video showing children affected by cerebral palsy train using the LokomatPro with pediatric orthoses.

Hocoma’s gait trainer provides therapists and patients with a rehabilitation training program that uses a virtual reality setup and lets patients perform various exercises and see their actions reflected in the virtual environment. The patients can, for instance, wade through water, overstep obstacles, or play soccer at different levels of difficulty. Patients, and especially children, respond very well to the immersive nature of the training program.

Watch the video to see the system at play.

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