Games for Health Europe Conference 2014 Announced

Games for Health Europe Conference 2014 Announced images: GAMES FOR HEALTH EUROPE, FACEBOOK 

The 2014 Games for Health Europe conference will be held in Utrecht, the Netherlands, on October 27 and 28.

The 2014 Games for Health Europe (GFHEU) conference, the sister conference to the Games for Health event, will take place in Utrecht on October 27 and 28. Together with the US-based non-profit organisation, Games for Health Europe aims to bring leaders in the serious gaming and healthcare industries together to support innovative solutions and more advanced healthcare across the continent.

After successful editions in Boston, the Games for Health project reached Europe in 2011, with the first European conference held in October that year. The GFH project, founded in 2004, has been successful in bringing together game developers, medical professionals, and researchers to share experiences and information about the effect gaming technologies can have on health, the healthcare industry, and policy. The annual Games for Health conference, held in Boston, hosts over 400 attendees who participate in more than 60 sessions covering many aspects of healthcare.

The 2014 Games for Health Europe conference will host a number of prominent speakers, including academics, industry leaders, and medical professionals, who will provide insight into topics including active gaming, rehabilitation, physical therapy, nutrition, cognitive health, disease management, biofeedback, and health behaviour change. The speakers will also discuss the impact that games and simulations can have on the healthcare industry in the near future.

The speakers at GFHEU 2014 will include the neuroscience crowdsourcer Amy Robinson, who serves as creative director of the project Eyewire, a large international gaming community helping neuroscientists at MIT map the brain, the transmedia storyteller Robert Pratten, Aleksandar Stojanovic, founding member of Neon Bridges Consortium, Denise Silber, president of the digital health consultancy Basil Strategies, and Jørgen Jakob Friis, research assistant at the Department of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics at the University of Southern Denmark.

The 4th annual Games for Health Europe conference will be held at the Utrecht Province-hall.

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