HandTutor Offers Enhanced Functional and Fine Motor Rehabilitation of the Hand

HandTutor Offers Enhanced Functional and Fine Motor Rehabilitation of the Hand images: MEDITOUCH, SHREE SHYAM BIO - MEDICALS  

The HandTutor is a tried and true computer-based hand rehabilitation system developed by MediTouch to help with functional and fine motor rehabilitation after a stroke or other neurological or orthopedic injury.

The HandTutor is an advanced hand rehabilitation solution that helps patients achieve functional recovery after an orthopedic or neurological injury or disease. The system consists of a wearable glove and rehabilitation software, and it allows for a range of evaluation options. These include speed, motion analysis of the fingers and wrist, and the passive and active range of motion.

handtutor rehabilitation solution games

handtutor rehabilitation solution gameshandtutor rehabilitation solution games

The physical and occupational therapy tool allows therapists to work with patients' movement ability and to motivate them to keep repeating the exercises with mini-games and augmented movement biofeedback. It was developed for controlled physical therapy of the hand at home and in clinical settings, to help improve fine motor, cognitive and sensory movement ability, as well as overall performance of functional tasks.

handtutor rehabilitation solution games

The HandTutor uses impairment-oriented training to accelerate recovery and provides therapists with quantitative biomechanical data that enables them to objectively evaluate patients and monitor their progress at rehabilitation centres or remotely.

handtutor rehabilitation solution games

The system actively involves patients in their therapy process, awarding them points for successful hand and finger movements, and as they progress, it automatically sets new session goals. It can be used for rehabilitation after stroke, fractures and soft tissue injuries, head injuries and orthopedic surgery, as well as with patients suffering from multiple sclerosis , cerebral palsy and Parkinson's disease. A randomized pilot study conducted with stroke patients at the Reuth Medical & Rehabilitation Center in Israel in 2011 showed significant improvement after 15 sessions with the HandTutor. Today, the system is used in rehabilitation centres worldwide.

handtutor rehabilitation solution games

The HandTutor was the first in a line of innovative rehabilitation products developed by MediTouch, an Israel-based company specializing in wearable, low-cost motion feedback devices for the rehabilitation of upper and lower extremities. After the success with the HandTutor, which received CE and FDA certification in 2008, the company launched several other Tutor products – the ArmTutor, LegTutor and 3D Tutor – in 2011.

handtutor rehabilitation solution games

Watch the video below to see the HandTutor at work.

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