RecoveriX Stroke Rehabilitation System to Be Presented at Cybathlon

RecoveriX Stroke Rehabilitation System to Be Presented at Cybathlon images: G.TEC MEDICAL ENGINEERING 

RecoveriX, a unique stroke rehabilitation system developed by g.tec medical engineering, is one of the innovative solutions that will be featured at the inaugural Cybathlon.

RecoveriX is an advanced brain-computer interface (BCI) system developed to deliver motor rehabilitation after stroke. It is the first system of its kind that pairs mental activities with motor functions, and it makes rehabilitation more effective by giving patients instant visual and tactile feedback.

stroke rehab bci

The visual feedback that patients receive through a virtual onscreen avatar helps them imagine a hand movement and, at the same time, they get tactile feedback in the form of electrical muscle stimulation. The combination of the two types of feedback makes the rehabilitation process considerably more effective, giving patients a way to regain their ability to grasp with their affected hand.

stroke rehab bci

Rehabilitation with the RecoveriX supports the brain in learning new ways to move the affected hand and it stimulates plasticity. The system is better at keeping patients motivated than traditional forms of rehabilitation and the repeated exercises increase the healing of the brain, leading to faster recovery from impairment caused by stroke. The platform actively involves patients in the rehabilitation process and gives them the feeling that they can move the affected limb again. The cutting-edge neurotechnology can help even chronic stroke patients make progress and recover.

stroke rehab bci

RecoveriX is very easy to set up and operate, and it comes with all the components required to perform therapeutic exercises, give patients virtual reality neurofeedback, and stimulate the muscles. Watch the video below to learn how the system helped a chronic patient learn to move her arm again.

stroke rehab bci

stroke rehab bcistroke rehab bci

The RecoveriX system was developed by g.tec medical engineering, an Austrian company specializing in manufacturing solutions in the field of biomedical engineering. In addition to stroke rehabilitation solutions, g.tec's team of researchers and engineers also has a focus on functional mapping, EEG systems and wireless EEG, biosignal amplifiers, real-time processing software, electrode systems and consciousness assessment. On September 19, the company opened the first RecoveriX flagship gym in Schiedlberg, Austria to offer stroke patients both RecoveriX therapy and standard therapy in order to maximize the outcomes of their treatment.

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The company will showcase RecoveriX at the inaugural Cybathlon, which will take place at the ETH Zurich on October 8, 2016. The event will provide a platform for the development of innovative assistive technologies with applications in daily life and welcome people with disabilities who will use the latest of these technologies to compete in six demanding disciplines.

stroke rehab bci

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