SilverFit Newton Uses Games to Increase Strength Training Compliance

SilverFit Newton Uses Games to Increase Strength Training Compliance image: SILVERFIT 

The SilverFit Newton is an innovative virtual therapy system designed to make strength training more interesting for patients and increase therapy compliance.

The platform uses compelling interactive games and can be used with any piece of equipment that uses a weight stack, including a shoulder press, leg press, or pulley.

The Newton software contains a variety of game-based exercises and can be installed on a screen on the equipment or on a mobile screen which can then be moved from one training station to another. The software also provides biofeedback exercises, tracking, and video analysis, and allows physical therapists to choose the exercises that are best suited to the patient's needs. Additionally, the biofeedback exercises allow them to prescribe concentric and eccentric exercise speeds and track recovery times.

To see the system at play and learn more about its benefits, watch the video.

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