ValedoMotion 2.0 Delivers Back Therapy in Game-Like Environments

ValedoMotion 2.0 Delivers Back Therapy in Game-Like Environments images: HOCOMA 

Hocoma's ValedoMotion 2.0 uses innovative sensor technology to deliver motivating therapeutic exercises to enhance back therapy.

ValedoMotion 2.0, Hocoma's sophisticated back therapy solution designed for clinical use, uses cutting-edge sensors and game-like environments to enhance therapy programs and help patients improve their movement awareness and motor control. The concept was developed in collaboration with leading clinics and hospitals and is based on the latest findings in medical research. It allows therapists to treat more patients and create customized therapy plans for each of them and provides them with advanced options for clinical assessment and reporting.

valedo motion back therapy

Therapy with ValedoMotion can address a wide range of conditions, including malalignment of the spine, muscular deficits of the trunk, non-specific back pain and neurological conditions such as MS, stroke and Parkinson's disease. ValedoMotion uses wireless sensors to track even the smallest movements of the patients' pelvis and trunk, which are then visualized in virtual environments on the screen in real time. The sensors are attached to the patients' skin to collect movement data, which is used to provide both patients and therapists with accurate real-time feedback and to assist with correct movement patterns.

valedo motion back therapy

valedo motion back therapyvaledo shape back therapy

The therapeutic exercises with Augmented Performance Feedback are delivered in game-like virtual settings to keep patients motivated. They were designed with very specific therapeutic goals in mind, including movement awareness, mobilization and stabilization, and can be performed in different positions, including standing, sitting, plank and kneeling. The exercises support progress from simple to complex movements and can easily be adapted to the patient's abilities and needs, while the software provides therapists with documentation about patients' progress in therapy. Therapists can use this data to create training programs for individual patients and to adjust them as patients make progress.

valedo motion back therapy

ValedoMotion is one of Hocoma's complementary products for back health, along with Valedo and ValedoShape, that offer a comprehensive solution for spine assessment and therapy. ValedoShape is an assessment device designed to document the therapy progress and provide therapists with an accurate analysis of the spine. Like ValedoMotion, it offers an easy, reliable way to get a professional assessment, which is critical for planning the future course of treatment.

valedo shape back therapyvaledo shape back therapy

valedo shape back therapy

Learn more about ValedoMotion in the video below.

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