YouGrabber Uses Virtual Reality Games for Upper Limb Rehabilitation

YouGrabber Uses Virtual Reality Games for Upper Limb Rehabilitation images: YOUREHAB 

YouGrabber is an innovative system that uses interactive games for upper limb rehabilitation.

YouGrabber, an upper limb rehabilitation solution from YouRehab, is an innovative system that offers exercises for fingers and arms through a series of fun interactive games. The system can be used for a wide range of rehabilitation goals and can help users see the effects of the smallest of movements, which encourages and motivates them to keep doing the exercises. YouGrabber can be adjusted to users at any point during therapy as their skills get better.


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YouGrabber can address a variety of issues, including stroke, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, and other types of central nervous system disorders. The system can also be beneficial to people with spinal cord disorders and injuries, motor deficits, sensory disorders, pain, and peripheral nerve lesions. Additionally, the therapeutic exercises available with the system can help with age-related attention deficits, lack of motivation, and visual perceptual deficits. YouGrabber uses virtual reality technology to make rehabilitation more compelling for patients and continuously challenges them to keep improving.



The system offers a varied range of training options and difficulty levels, and can be used both at hospitals and at home, both in individual and group therapy. The patients using YouGrabber at home get training and support from therapists.

The YouGrabber concept is designed to improve patients' performance in daily activities and can help increase their visual attention. The training targets available with YouGrabber include reaction time, divided attention, concentration, arm lifting and lowering, grasping movements, wrist and elbow flexion and extension, and selective fine finger movements. The system also offers comprehensive documentation to help patients and therapists track progress through detailed training reports.



YouGrabber is beneficial to both patients and clinicians. Patients train up to three times harder with YouGrabber than in normal occupational therapy, while clinicians can train two or three patients at once, saving both time and money in the process.

The system uses a PC, an infrared tracking camera, and patented adjustable data gloves. The interactive training applications are designed for different arm and finger movements and use virtual games that challenge patients to steer an airplane through clouds, juggle tomatoes, catch carrots while fighting a greedy rabbit, or perform any of the other fun tasks that the games present .

Watch the video to see the system at play.


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