Bkool's New Training Platform Introduces 3D Competition

Bkool's New Training Platform Introduces 3D Competition images: BKOOL 

Bkool's new 3D World software allows indoor cyclists to experience any route in the world in 3D.

Bkool has introduced a global 3D simulation software that lets users enjoy virtual rides anywhere in the world in 3D. The 3D World application allows them to ride any route and train with their friends from the comfort of their own living room.


The most innovative aspect of the new software is that the 3D is not recorded, but automatically generated as the cyclist pedals. This makes the 3D World application an exclusive technology, unique in the world. The app synchronises with the Bkool trainer, allowing indoor cyclists to have a realistic experience of an outdoor ride. The Bkool home trainer, which is both a trainer and a simulator, can match indoor cyclists' pedalling resistance to a virtual course profile, providing the riders with a sensation similar to the one they would get on the real course.


All rides on 3D routes are multiplayer by default. As soon as users load up a route, they are riding with other users in the virtual environment. Cyclists can also voice chat with other users who are within 50 metres of their position. For those who just want to enjoy the route, there is a Solo Mode.

Bkool's new training platform also supports user-uploaded videos, letting riders upload their own course videos to the service and re-live their outdoor rides at home. If a user uploads a GPS file from a ride, the software will recreate the route in 3D using the GPS data, whether or not the user has uploaded a video. The videos can be streamed in 720p HD.

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Bkool's analysis tools provide riders with data on heart rate, speed, and cadence, making it easy for them to optimise their training sessions. The new software integrates with Spotify, allowing users to import their playlists and control them using a dropdown menu on the main screen as they ride.


The Bkool simulator allows up to 100 users in any location to ride at the same time. The latest version runs on Windows, Mac, iPad, and Android operating systems. iOS and some Android devices require an ANT+ adapter. Many of the features are available for free, and users with a premium membership have access to additional features, including rides with up to 100 other users and unlimited videos.

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