Cubii Elliptical Trainer Brings Fitness to the Workplace

Cubii Elliptical Trainer Brings Fitness to the Workplace images: FITNESS CUBED 

Cubii is an elliptical trainer designed to tackle the risks of sedentary lifestyles in the workplace.

Cubii is one of the innovative solutions that help people with sedentary jobs get some exercise in their workplace. It is an elliptical trainer that can be placed under the office desk, where it tracks users' activity and lets them pedal in an easy, unconscious motion, without distracting them from their daily tasks at work. With Bluetooth integration enabled, Cubii can monitor users' activity throughout the day, allowing them to keep track of their progress on their mobile phone.

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The trainer is easy to integrate into corporate wellness programs as it doesn't require change in the office layout and, with a retail price of $350, isn't too expensive either. Cubii has a compact, sleek, ergonomic design that makes the device a practical solution for any office space. It comes with a mobile app that allows users to wirelessly track their exercise on their mobile phone and share their progress with co-workers and friends. The app also connects with various fitness trackers, allowing users to monitor their activity using a single app on their phone. Cubii can even charge users' phones as they exercise.

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Cubii was developed by FitnessCubed, an innovative startup specialising in developing fitness products that seamlessly integrate exercise into people's daily lives. The company's primary focus is to create solutions that build healthier workplaces, make sitting healthier, and prevent illnesses associated with sedentary lifestyles. Even though there are already many solutions on the market that address the risks of prolonged hours of inactivity, ranging from stand up desks and treadmill desks to different mobile apps and activity trackers, the new elliptical trainer is unique as it makes workplace transformation easy, unobtrusive, and affordable.

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FitnessCubed launched a Kickstarter campaign for Cubii and successfully funded it in July 2014.desk exercise

Learn more about Cubii and the benefits it brings to the workplace in the video below.

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