Expresso Bike for More Variety in Indoor Cycling

Expresso Bike for More Variety in Indoor Cycling image: INTERACTIVE FITNESS, FACEBOOK 

The Expresso Bike, an interactive stationary bike created by Interactive Fitness, gives riders a wide range of options to make their cardio workouts more interactive, social, and fun. The indoor cycle offers more than 40 virtual tours to keep riders engaged. The tours cover different levels of difficulty, from easy to extremely challenging. The Expresso Bike also provides the option for riders to invite their friends to join them for a virtual ride. For those looking to improve their personal record, there is the ghost option, letting them record their rides and use the ghosts to race against their previous best. The bike offers a variety of other options, including a number of different games, social sharing, and leaderboards. It is available in three different versions: Upright, Recumbent, and Youth.

To see some of the games and modes available with the bike, watch the video.


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