Harmonix Releases Dance Central Spotlight

Harmonix Releases Dance Central Spotlight images: HARMONIX, XBOX 

Harmonix has launched Dance Central Spotlight, the latest addition to the award-winning Dance Central franchise. The new game is available exclusively on the Xbox One.

Harmonix has released Dance Central Spotlight, bringing audiences a brand new soundtrack with more than 50 popular tracks to choose from and multiple routines for each song. Dance Central Spotlight is the latest entry in the successful Dance Central series, now available exclusively on Xbox One. The new game represents the next step in motion dance gaming, offering authentic routines and a new dance experience for 1 or 2 players.

Dance Central Spotlight features hit songs from artists including David Guetta,, OneRepublic, Avicii, Pharrell Williams, and Cher Lloyd. The core track list contains 10 popular songs, and additional ones are available from the in-game store. Players can select their favourite songs to customise their track lists any way they like.

dance game

dance gamedance game

Each track comes with eight dance routines of varying difficulty levels. The routines designed for beginners have limited and simple moves, while those created for more advanced players are more complex. Players are required to mimic on-screen dance moves to earn points, and are awarded for accuracy. If they are performing really well, the game activates freestyle, allowing players to use their own moves and improvise.

Dance Central Spotlight has also introduced Dance Cards, prompts that show dancers which move to perform next. Players can collect more than 600 of these while dancing and win bonuses and unlockables when they reach specific milestones.

dance game

dance gamedance game

The game has a Fitness mode, with special routines designed to improve players' cardio, strength and overall fitness levels. The Fitness mode delivers a challenging workout and is a good choice for those looking to shed some weight while dancing. Players can set up their profiles, enter their height and weight stats, and then select the type of routine they want to perform: cardio or strength.

First launched in 2010, the Dance Central series has raised the bar on rhythm video games and full-body motion gaming, using cutting edge motion detection technology and real-time feedback to allow players to dance at home without using any controllers or dance mats. Dance Central uses Kinect motion sensing technology and is the top rated dance series available for Kinect on Xbox 360. The franchise offers over 200 dance routines with more than 2,000 dance moves created by professional choreographers, available in multiple party modes that keep the dancers immersed in the experience for hours. After the success with the Xbox 360, Harmonix is now making the series available for the Xbox One with Dance Central Spotlight.

The game is available on the Xbox One for $9.99.

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