iMotion Launch Announced


Intellect Motion has announced the launch of a new product called iMotion. It is a 4D motion controller device designed for a wide range of applications.

iMotion is a futuristic motion controller inspired by the technology seen in Minority Report, which replaces the mouse, keyboard, and touchscreen with motion feedback sensors. The air touch and tactile feedback controller will be used for many different purposes, from browsing and gaming to medical diagnostics. Intellect Motion will be launching the product on Kickstarter soon.

iMotion consists of a set of LED sensors attached to a belt which is worn by the user. The motion controller can be worn on any part of the body, and up to four iMotions can be used at a time. The device is extremely lightweight, weighing less than 50 grams, and simple to set up and use. It allows users to swipe, flick, scroll, and control everything they can normally control with their mouse or keyboard, and it has a functional range from 0.3 to 5 meters.

The device creates a virtual touch screen in thin air and provides users with physical feedback, allowing them to feel virtual objects and to experience being inside a game. What iMotion does is use triangulation to track the player's motion and, using the LED sensors, it calculates the coordinates and detects the signals. It is said to be 20 times faster than Kinect and 10 times more accurate. The motion controller uses a haptic feedback sensor, which makes it possible for players to feel the vibration pulse during a game and get tactile feedback when they get zapped or hit a road block. Users can play a wide range of games, from shooter games to Angry Birds, by simply moving their hands around with the device attached.


The technology can capture body motion very accurately and reconstruct an anatomic body joint model with an accuracy of 0.2 cm and response time of 10 to 20 miliseconds. This makes it 10 times faster than products like Kinect 1 and other camera based devices. iMotion does not require any prior software installation, and users can just plug and play. It is compatible with PCs (Windows, Mac, Linux), Oculus, UNU, and Kinect, and with standard web cameras with 640x480 pixel resolution that can track movements at 30 or more frames per second. Among other applications, the device can be used as an add-on on Xbox One (Kinect) to provide the user with an accurate interface with tactile feedback.

This level of accuracy makes iMotion very useful not only for gaming, but also in medicine, for diagnosing movement disorders. Intellect Motion has years of experience in physiotherapy, medical rehabilitation, neurophysiology, and development of motion control devices, and their products were initially developed for rehabilitation purposes. iMotion helps control patients' hand-eye coordination, as does PMotion, the company's dynamic stand-up platform, while GMotion, a gravitation distribution system that creates a controlled interactive gaming environment, is useful in postural and dynamic control training. Over the years more than 50 games have been integrated with these technologies to make rehabilitation more fun for patients and to keep them motivated to exercise. Intellect Motion has also designed a cloud interface to make it easier for physicians to monitor and keep track of the patients' performance and progress.


iMotion was originally developed as a high-precision tool for testing coordination-strength and accuracy of individual body movements. Over 20 games designed for iMotion are used in rehabilitation and in the treatment of diseases like Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and MS. The GMotion, iMotion's other fitness gaming setup, focuses on health gaming in particular.

iMotion is most commonly used to test precision accuracy and final accuracy. Patients see points appearing in different positions on the screen and must reach them as quickly and as accurately as possible. The program can calculate the optimal path and deviation from the target point during the test.

Intellect Motion's products are also used in educational training, fitness, and training of professional athletes, as they can help activate complex muscular-neural processes and increase endurance, while simultaneously providing the user with biofeedback.

Watch the video to see a demonstration of Intellect Motion's new motion controller prototype.

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