Keecker: HomePod That Brings Content out of the Screen

Keecker: HomePod That Brings Content out of the Screen images: KEECKER 

Keecker is an innovative entertainment system that introduces an entirely new way of interacting with digital content at home.

Keecker, one of the latest innovations to reach its funding goal on Kickstarter, is the world's first HomePod, a mini-robot designed to free content from its container and transform it into life-size experience in any room. The mobile entertainment system can turn any surface into a large, immersive screen, delivering digital content anywhere without the need for screens. It effectively removes the limits on where and how users can access content.

Keecker was designed by a French team led by Pierre Lebeau, a former Google product manager and now Keecker CEO. The idea behind the product was to create an entirely new platform for home interaction, one that would stylishly blend into any room.


Introduced at the 2014 International CES in Las Vegas in January, Keecker was one of the most innovative solutions to reach a wide audience this year. Inspired by an idea of a wire-free home, the device makes digital content and media – from games and entertainment to web browsing – accessible anywhere, allowing users to watch images and movies, listen to music, play video games, and make video calls wherever and whenever they want. The system can also be used to enhance interior design, creating experiences like art drawings or different scenery for special events.



Keecker uses six speakers for a 360-degree audio, a video camera and an advanced built-in projection system, providing highest quality entertainment that users can control through their iOS and Android smartphones via Wi-Fi. The device can project video in all directions, on any surface. It supports almost any existing Android app and will be available with a series of new apps for movies, games, music, home analytics, and video calls. While the system was not developed specifically for home fitness, it certainly opens up a world of possibilities, from projecting existing apps on any wall and delivering an enhanced, more immersive experience to users, to providing entertainment to break up the monotony of cardio routines.


Additionally, Keecker uses advanced sensors for home security monitoring and can measure things like home temperature, light, sound, humidity, and carbon dioxide levels, allowing users to check on their home from afar. With the device, owners can also project themselves back at home for live conversations and check on their pets while they are away.

Keecker will be available for approximately $5,000 in 2015.


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