Paofit Turns Indoor Running Into a Fun, Social Experience

Paofit Turns Indoor Running Into a Fun, Social Experience image: PAOFIT FACEBOOK 

The Paofit running app is designed to make treadmill running more fun and engaging. It uses 3D virtual technology, HD real-world video, and social features to engage users in an entirely new experience on the treadmill. The app allows runners to explore stunning locations around the world and it turns their daily cardio training into a social experience. As they run, Paofit users can see avatars of other runners in real time. Paofit tracks their speed and displays adaptive video playback to match it. Runners can watch location videos on their iPad or they can plug their iPad into a larger screen via HDMI cable or AppleTV for high definition video. They can track and store their running data and share their runs with their friends on Facebook. The Paofit app also lets them set up their own live events and invite friends from anywhere in the world to join in.

Watch the video to see some of the options available with Paofit.

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