Revbox Offers Training with Unlimited Resistance Range

Revbox Offers Training with Unlimited Resistance Range images: REVBOX FACEBOOK 

The Revbox Erg is a stationary trainer that outperforms most indoor bikes available on the market. It provides users with a high-performance training tool with an unlimited resistance range and makes their training sessions as effective as possible. The Revbox trainer was designed to not merely replicate general road conditions, but simulate specific adaptations required to improve key areas of the user's performance. It can help cyclists improve their strength, power, acceleration and neuromuscular efficiency.

The trainer is suitable for beginners, recreational cyclists and professional riders alike. Cyclists can use it to prepare for specific races, with specific power outputs targeted for the event. The Revbox Erg is a result of years of research and prototypes and one of the most versatile stationary trainers currently available. It weighs only 11.5 kilos and can easily be transported in a reinforced travel bag. Find some pictures of the trainer in our gallery.

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