SmartMat Helps Users Improve Their Yoga Practice

SmartMat Helps Users Improve Their Yoga Practice images: SMARTMAT, SMARTMAT FACEBOOK 

SmartMat is the world's first intelligent, responsive yoga mat, designed to improve the user's pose execution and balance.

SmartMat is a responsive, interactive yoga mat designed to help the user improve his or her yoga practice. The intelligent mat uses advanced sensor technology to detect the user's position and offer real-time feedback. The mat alerts users when they are out of alignment and provides guidance on how to correct their pose.


SmartMat connects to mobile devices, allowing users to track and store their progress on their iPhone, iPad or Android devices using the free SmartMat App, available at the App Store and on Google Play. The interactive mat serves as a personal trainer, allowing users to practice yoga and get constructive feedback in their own living room. It is the same size as a regular yoga mat, and can be rolled up and carried. It can hold a charge for six hours and is resistant to heat up to 110 degrees. It can be used at home or in group yoga practice, including hot yoga classes.


SmartMat is uniquely calibrated to its owner. Before the first use, the mat will guide the user through a series of movements to determine his or her size, body shape, yoga abilities, and personal limitations. The user's personal profile is stored in the SmartMat App. The data later helps the SmartMat detect when the user is out of balance or alignment and, as the user improves over time and the data is updated, the app continues to help refine his or her yoga practice.


The SmartMat Marketplace offers guided yoga classes, allowing users to practice in their favourite classes and get real-time feedback. As the Marketplace keeps evolving, users can download updates and keep adding new classes into their routine.

The SmartMat is designed to work in three basic modes. The In-Home Private Mode allows the user to choose a yoga class on the SmartMat App and to receive real-time guidance and a personal score while exercising. The In-Class Assist Mode lets users bring their SmartMat to a group yoga class and get additional analysis on pose execution. The mat can provide both audio and visual feedback or just offer visual data so as not to interrupt others. The Zen Mode allows users to exercise without receiving any feedback. Instead, the mat records their practice and lets them review it later.

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