Tacx i-Genius Multiplayer Offers Realistic Virtual Rides and Web Races

Tacx i-Genius Multiplayer Offers Realistic Virtual Rides and Web Races images: TACX, TACX FACEBOOK 

The Tacx i-Genius Multiplayer combines a sturdy frame with the sophisticated Tacx Trainer software to deliver a lifelike experience of cycling in virtual worlds.

The Tacx i-Genius Multiplayer is an indoor bike trainer that offers a highly realistic simulation of an outdoor ride using a wireless motor brake and a computer-driven flywheel, which allow riders to feel as if they were really climbing up mountains and hills while pedalling in their own living room. The bike routes are displayed on their PC screen and, if they are competing against other cyclists, they can see them, too. The motor brake, interface and PC communicate wirelessy and the trainer supports integration with ANT technology, letting cyclists use cadence or power meters, or any other ANT application, to enhance their workouts.


The Tacx Training Suite, the application used to control the bike trainer via a computer, lets users enter their personal data and adjust different training settings to personalise their training experience. Cyclists have several training modes to choose from: Multiplayer, Catalyst, GPS Rides, Tacx Films, and Virtual Reality.


The Multiplayer mode lets users connect with their friends online and race against them on the same virtual course. Catalyst is the most basic mode, allowing cyclists to determine the kind of intervals they want: pyramid drills, wattage to heart rate, ladder drills, or one of the other options.


GPS Rides lets cyclists use their ride profiles from Garmin or Strava and the bike trainer replicates the exact course profile as users navigate though Google Earth. The bike's motor brake and gradient profiles deliver an accurate simulation of the course, allowing users to repeat their favourite rides as many times as they want. Tacx Films offers realistic simulations of real-world race courses, available on separately sold CDs, and the Virtual Reality Mode works like a video game, letting users have fun as they train.


The i-Genius Multiplayer comes with a 12-month license for online racing. The Tacx Trainer software contains a calendar that shows all the upcoming races users can join. Users of other Tacx models can also obtain the Multiplayer license for unlimited racing against other cyclists around the world. The Multiplayer license works with all the Tacx virtual reality models and the company's ergotrainers Bushido, Flow, and Vortex.


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