Tera Fitness Mat Wins Red Dot Design Award

Tera Fitness Mat Wins Red Dot Design Award images: LUNAR EUROPE 

Lunar Europe has won a Red Dot Design Award for the innovative home exercise solution, Tera.

Tera, the innovative fitness mat and personal trainer developed by Lunar Europe, has won a Design Concept 2014 award at the 2014 Red Dot Design Awards. Additionally, Lunar Europe was named one of the world's most innovative design studios, ranked 7th out of 15. The Red Dot design competition announced this year's winners in Singapore on September 26. Almost 4,800 entries from 63 countries were submitted for this year's competition.

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Tera is an elegant fitness mat that uses advanced sensors and a LED lighting system to guide users through various workout routines including Pilates, Yoga, and Thai Bo. Tera was designed to blend into any interior and inspire a healthy lifestyle with a compelling design and an intelligent surface system that detects human motion and facilitates exercise. Tera comes with a mobile application that analyses the user's workouts and offers feedback that users can easily share with their trainers and friends on social media.



Tera is one of Lunar's interactive solutions created to reinvent the concept of home fitness. In the last couple of years, Lunar has introduced several innovative, beautifully designed tools that use intelligent technology and the power of design to motivate people to exercise. Lunar Europe previously released concepts for the Nova climbing wall and the Vela cycle trainer in 2012. Vela uses outstanding design to transform from a cycle trainer to a sculpture, while the Nova climbing wall makes both an excellent personal trainer and an elegant wall decoration.



“We’re thrilled that Red Dot is recognizing LUNAR Europe for our commitment to innovation in design. As designers we love to explore how we engage with technology, the world and ourselves, but above all we love to create beautiful objects that empower people,” said Roman Gebhard, managing partner at Lunar Europe, in a release.

Red Dot Design Awards recognise the best in product design, concept design and communication design. They are awarded every year by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen. The winning designs are presented in the Red Dot Design Museum in the Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex in Essen.


To see how the Tera fitness mat works and what went into designing it, watch the video.

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