Ubisoft Releases Shape Up for Xbox One

Ubisoft Releases Shape Up for Xbox One image: SHAPE UP, UBISOFT 

Ubisoft has released the fitness video game Shape Up, which turns every workout into an interactive game. The Kinect-based game was developed by Ubisoft Montreal and is available for Xbox One. Shape Up uses original arcade-style visuals and invites users to replace their boring workout routines with a fun, points-driven challenge that keeps them active and entertained throughout the workout. Players can bench press an elephant, use their abs to vaporise aliens, or hit asteroids to score points while a camera projects their bodies onto the screen. The system tracks the user's workouts, score and calorie expenditure.

The game offers three modes – Quick Play, Training Quest and Online Match – and combines established fitness methods with playful, rewarding routines to motivate players to work out more and ultimately achieve better results. The online mode allows players to work out with their friends and challenge them on Xbox Live.

Watch the trailer to see the system at work.


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