EUROFLEX® Gaming Concepts Engage Kids in Fun, Eco-Friendly Play

EUROFLEX® Gaming Concepts Engage Kids in Fun, Eco-Friendly Play images: KRAIBURG RELASTEC 

The EUROFLEX® interactive gaming product range offers fun games for kids and engages them with educational content using advanced technology embedded in a simple concept.

The EUROFLEX® interactive gaming products combine eco-friendly materials with innovative technologies and simple games to engage children in active play. Developed by KRAIBURG Relastec , the concepts Living Animals, Talking Mushroom and Game Floor can be used in day care centres, kindergartens and on playgrounds to introduce kids to interesting educational content and motivate them to play physical interactive games.

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The EUROFLEX® Living Animals concept uses animal shapes with integrated technology that allows children to play with different sounds. Kids can simply turn the animal's tail and a random audio file will be selected that provides them with information about the animal. The MP3 audio files are stored on an internal USB drive and can easily be changed to include different types of audio feedback, including animal sounds, music or an imaginary language. The system is entirely human-powered and does not require an external power supply. A single set includes one Living Animal, two USB sticks with audio files in German and English, and two keys required to unlock the safety screws and change the USB stick.

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active gaming playgroungactive gaming playgroung

The EUROFLEX® Talking Mushroom is a similar system, but uses mushrooms instead of animals to engage children in play. Users must turn the cap of the mushroom to generate energy and get the mushroom to play a random audio file. The Talking Mushroom can be used to entertain kids with music, stories and fun facts about mushrooms. The audio files, stored on a USB stick, can be changed to offer fresh content.

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The EUROFLEX® Game Floor uses 4 or 8 shock-sensitive rubber tiles with interactive lights to motivate kids to run and improve their reaction speed. The set includes a hemisphere with a crank that can be turned to generate power. Once powered, a rubber tile lights up in a specific colour and players must step on it to play. Once they do, another tile lights up, challenging them to keep up with the game. The software adapts to the players' speed and the hemisphere provides them with audio feedback, telling them which colour they must jump on next. The Game Floor is available in sets of 4 or 8 tiles.

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KRAIBURG Relastec is a German company specializing in creating unique solutions for sports, playgrounds and the construction industry using environmentally friendly technical rubber materials. A leader in the world of rubber recycling, the company develops sports floors (SPORTEC®) and products for playgrounds and sports facilities (EUROFLEX®), as well as solutions for sound and vibration isolation (DAMTEC®), load securing (KRAITEC®) and horse keeping (KOMFORTEX®).

active gaming playgroung

To see the company's gaming concepts at play, watch the video below.

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