WizeFloor Gets Software Upgrade

WizeFloor Gets Software Upgrade images: WIZEFLOOR, FACEBOOK 

The Alexandra Institute has released updates for the WizeFloor software, bringing a number of improvements to the popular interactive learning floor.

The Danish IT solutions developers from the Alexandra Institute have released Web, iOS, and Windows updates for the WizeFloor software. WizeFloor is a large interactive floor designed as an immersive learning tool for kids aged 3 to 11. The floor is controlled like a touch screen device and it allows children to interact with displayed content and engage in various activities that are based on the school curriculum.

The web app update brings more than 100 enhancements for a better overall user experience. The Windows software, which runs the floor, has also been improved with over 100 fixes, changes, and a wide range of requested possibilities added to each application. The iOS app now provides access to the same features as the web app for creating and editing the Stepstone tiles, and makes it possible for users to edit their profiles and access the new forum directly in the app.



The latest software update brings a number of general improvements, including optional hints in the floor keyboard, an optimised layout of the numeric keypad, improved editors for a better overview of big tiles, and questions displayed in a manageable list, with the ability to fold out the questions users want to edit. Other changes include support for omitting results, the ability to magnify images, listen to sounds, and watch YouTube clips without leaving the page.

WizeFloor is not just an educational tool, but it also promotes physical activity, active play, creativity, and children’s interpersonal and teamwork skills. The games are projected onto the floor from a ceiling projector and they support collective and differentiated learning styles through fun activities. WizeFloor does not only enhance educational learning through physical activity, but also improves children’s self-knowledge, awareness of their strengths and behaviour within a group, and the ability to deal with winning or losing a game with other students.



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To see some of the options available with the interactive floor, watch the video.


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